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There is some bad language on this page!

*Top 5 Things Said on the Tour Bus at Night*

Justin quit doing that! You dont have to relieve your self every night!
Chris quit floppin your head around..yo weave is flyin out
JC SHUTUP its only 8!!! u sleep all freakin day anywayz!!!
Hey Joey make sure you know shes legal...
Lance stay out of my bed, I don't care if you are scared of the dark!

"And I come from Memphis, Tennessee...*Elvis impersonation* Yo, the home of Elvis, baby!" -Justin

"I guess I'm kinda the young member of *NSYNC." -Justin
*Note* No shit.

"My full name is Joseph. They call me Superman sometimes, or Super Joey because I collect Superman stuff." -Joey
*Note* Hear that, everyone? His full name is Joseph. Forget Anthony and Fatone. Dumbass.

"I love hangin' out wit' the guys, goin' to movies, just like, normal...regular...people!" -Joey

"And, hello, I'm Lance Bass...and...I am the bass of *NSYNC, and uh, I was born in, uh, Laurel, Mississippi, and I moved to Orlandooooo...right when, uh, the group was formed. And, uh, let's see, I like...hangin' out with the guys mostly and just doin' whatever they like to do, and goin' to movies, goin' on dates, and everything like that." -Lance
*Note* And, hello, my name is, uh, Lance, and, uh, Lou hasn't, uh, told me, uh, what to, uh, say, so uh, I sound like a dipshit.

"And, my nickname *laughs* is Lansten...uh, mainly because...I don't know. *laughs* Justin...kinda...made it up *laughs* one day and I really don't know really the story behind it...*laughs* It just kinda happened." -Lance
*Note* Okay, who's the mean bastard who gave him booze before this interview?

"My nickname is Lucky, because...I assume because I'm Irish- Scotch/Irish...and...they just think I look like a Leprechaun or somethin'." -Chris

"Uh...my name is JC. My full name is Joshua Chasez, my nickname is JC." -JC
*Note* Dammit, don't you go forgettin' my name is JC!

"My astrological sign is a Leo...*laughs* I dunno." -JC

"Basically, since I'm the oldest member of the group, I was born first, and um, I...I will tell the story, because I'm also the most intelligent member of *NSYNC." -Chris
*Note* Basically, since I'm the smallest member of the group, I'm also the one with the least brain capacity.

"All right...well, it all started back when I was about 5. I had a dream. No, I'm really just kidding. It started about, I dunno, 3 years ago? 2 years ago?" -Chris
*Note* DAMN! I forgot what Lou told me to say!

"Alrighty! The, uh, word, or, I shall say, group of us, 'N...called 'N Sync, uh, originated from the word, uh, synchronicity, uh, meaning, basically like, synchronized swimming, meaning, uh, doing the same movements and the same things, and being as one." -Joey

"Our last letters of our first named- NAMES!- spell 'N Sync...so...that was kinda interesting. So, for instance, you have Justin for the N, Chris for the S, Y for Joey...that's me...Woo hoo! *laughs* Lansten for the N and JC for the C, which spells 'N Sync." -Joey

"Not Chris's, though...we're waiting for Chris's mom to come out here. *pause* She's cool.*pause* But anyway!" -Joey
*Note* He must have seen a chick and lost his train of thought.

"Plus, we like moms! They're cool!" -Joey

"Ya know, I miss Public's and Windixie, yeah. *laughs* They're just grocery shoppin' places. I'm kidding. I mean...*laughs* Anyway, so it's uh...that's pretty much, um, the neighborhood." -Joey
*Note* Does he ENJOY being made fun of?

"I think it leans more toward the good sides, I think." -Joey
*Note* Department Of Redundancy Department!

"If we're here in Europe...or anywhere else...*someone whispers 'Go-carts!'* We always go go-cart riding. I won...the other day. You know, back in America, at home, uh, uh, um, HELLO! *laughs* We try to, uh, *laughs* we try to uh, ya know, relax as much as we can, since it's real sunny in Florida, we go like to the beach, or, ya know, like to Miami or somethin' like that. So, it's FUN!" -Lance
*Note* He may be a dipshit, but he's a damn cute one.

"I go out with Lance, cuz...*Chris in the background: 'Cuz you don't have a car!'* He likes to go to the beach and I don't have a car, so I rely on everybody else." -Joey

"Hey, dude! Gimme a ride!" -Joey
*Note* I really, REALLY didn't need to hear that.

"We're genuine...ya know, ride the pony! Ya know what I mean? It's just really...for real!" -JC