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You like *NSync a little too much when:

-You have more pictures of Justin than his mother does.
-You had to buy a fourth NSYNC CD because you wore out the first three.
-You hear NSYNC is coming to town so you pull some strings, find out which hotel they're staying at, and check into the same hotel for the night, which you dont even end up sleeping because your staking out their room all night.
-You can't stand being without any N Sync music so in the middle of the class you jump up and sing nsync songs and doing their little dances.
-You have midterms the next day but you stay up until 2am just to watch them on a late show that they will only be on for 5min.
-You get in fights at school with BSB fans.
-You throw stuff at the TV when *N Sync doesnt make #1 on TRL.
-In P.E. when your playing basketball you stick the ball under your shirt and say that its Justins baby.
You forgot the color of your walls because they are filled with *N Sync posters.
-You send hate mail to Britney Spears and Innosense for trying to move in on 'yer man.'
-Your father knows all the words to their songs and your mother knows all their names and where they're from.
-You tell everyone you have 2 children and one of the guys is their father.
-You refuse to date anyone just in case 'N Sync might show up
-You no longer have a name except for "that girl who's obsessed over 'N Sync"
-You pick fights with other fans in chat rooms just because they like the same guy as you.
-You believe with all your heart that one day a guy from NSYNC will fall in love with you and you'll get married and live happily ever after.
-You drive 6 hours to see *N SYNC perform in another state because "the show might be different" and you don't want to miss it
-You get a job at Universal City Orlando, just to tell people that you worked in the same place as Chris and Joey.
-You go to BSB websites and write bad stuff in the guestbooks.
-You've got all the MMC episodes taped with Justin and J.C. in them and watch them at least twice every day.
-You've seen the Disney Special so many times that you can do the moves better than they can.
-You name your horse or any pet Toby.
-You move or take a vacation to Orlando just to be in the same city.
-You look up the guys' high schools just to see what they look like.
-You've seen the N'Sync videos so many times they you know what kind of wood was used in the set of Tearin Up My Heart
-You change everything you use to what N'Sync uses (examples: shampoo, soap, detergent, etc)
-You call in and request *N SYNC's songs so much, the DJ knows your first name.
-When your fav guy is pictured with any girl, you cut her out of the picture and put a giant red X on her face.
-You have your friends in other states or countries tape you the Disney Concert because you dont have The Disney Channel
-You wait in a line full of 98 deggrees fans for 6 hours to meet them because they're friends with 'N Sync. (Thanks Jen!!)
-Everytime you see a magazine with just even a tiny picture of one of the guys in it, you buy it... so that will come to about $400, or so... this includes ordering any 'n sync merchandise ever encountered. (Thanks Jen!!)
-You keep the picture of your favorite nsyncer near your bed and kiss it every night before you go to sleep. (Thanks Tatyana!!)
-You record EVERY tv show appearance just so you don't miss out on a change in their looks, and just because its them. (Thanks Rebecca!!)
-You wake up every morning an hour early just to watch N the Mix before you go to school. (Thanks Veronica!!)
-You go on there web page every day to check were there at then find someone online that lives there so you can see if she saw them. (Thanks Veronica!!)
You carry a picture of your favorite guy around with you every day. (Thanks Megan!!)
-You write stories about them for english assignments. (Thanks Lesley!!)
-Every single flower you see, you pick off the petals and wish to marry Justin. (Thanks Katie!!)
-You write novels about You and Justin falling in love, having a perfect wedding, and making little children.
-You stand outside in 30 degree F weather for 12 hours to meet them
-You plan your vacations around their concerts
-You yell at anyone that doesn't call you by your guy's last name and not your own.
-You dance like nsync in the shower and make up crazy little songs about them.
-You punch people that don't like the name Justin.
-You make yourself look much older with a lot of makeup at a concert since Justin likes older Women.
-You go on the internet everyday and look up their home towns and smile.
-You brag to everyone because Justin had the same couch and carpet as you.
-You and your friend play a "kiss that body part" game with The boy'spics
-You can't like anyone with the name other then __________. (Justin, Lance....etc.)
-You pretend you are one of the guys in a chatroom. (Thanks to Shannon for all of the above!!)
-Everytime you hear "I Drive Myself Crazy " on the radio you run to the phone and call all your friends!!
-You've tried to get your mom to let you change your name to Justina (After Justin!)
-You have told every one when, where, and everthing about your and Justins wedding
-You know there tour dates untill the year 2001!
-Your Justin pics are starting to rip because you kiss him in the same spot everyday (Thanks to Jessica for all of the above!!)
-You give your mom the silent treatment for a week for saying 'N SYNC is not gonna be around in a few years
-You apologize to your posters when you drop them
-You argue w/ guys at school, that "yes Justin could beat you up"
-You draw on every Britney Spears picture in BOP (ex:lil' mustaches or 'NSYNC RULES!!) and give them to guys at school that love her
-You lick or kiss every picture of Justin and make it public so no one kisses or touches your man ('s pic)
-You rewind the part on the disney concert when he goes "let me tell you how I feel" in that cute voice over and over and over. (Thanks to Allie for all of the above!!)
-You Listen to the whole cd every night before i go to bed just to hear their sweet voices and have nice dreams. (Thanks Megan!!)
-You wore my concert t-shirt when I took mid-terms and finals for good luck. (Thanks Megan!!)
-You run to check your hair and make-up before every one of their tv appearances. (Thanks Amber!!)
-You get a specially made 'NSYNC comforter so you can tell people "I slept with 'NSYNC!" (Thanks to Dana and Lauren!)
-You yell at your dad when he says that the Beatles are better than `N SYNC. (Thanks Heather and Morgan!)
-You sleep outside of the box office for three days and pay who knows how much money to get front row Nsync tickets to a concert 4 states away.
-You go to mercedes.com to look at the car that Justin drives, toyota.com to see lances car, acura.com to see joey's etc...(Thanks Thea!)
-You beg your parents to get you the same type of dog that your favorite nsyncer has. (Thanks Brandi!)
-you listen to their Home for Christmas cd everyday (even though it's July and 98 degrees outside
-you consider getting a flame tatoo b-cuz they all have one, except JC!
-You rather watch an 'N Sync special on TV with friends, than go to a party
-You've watched 'N the Mix, so many times that you can recite all of the words. (Thanks Kelly for all the above!)
-You yell at your parents every time they "try" singing along, or snap their fingers to the beat, because you can't bear to miss even a note of one of their songs.
-You cry every time you see another girl on tv get kissed on the cheek by one of the guys.
-You can sing all the words to all their albums better than they can.
-You start buying everything in vinyl just because chris loves spinning records.
-You tell everyone your name is Lois Lane, just so you can one day think that. (Thanks to Mandy to all of the above!)
-You make puppets of nsync and put your face on another puppet and make up little stories about you and the guys.
-You have no room left in your locker because all your nsync pictures take up all the room
-Everytime bsb comes on the radio do you sing nsync twice as loud. (Thanks to Danielle for all the above!)
-You give evil looks to all of the girls who get closer to the guys than you at a concert! (Thanks Lynsey!)
-You argue with the sales person at the local music store for 1/2 an hour till she lets you buy the last Nsync and justin posters out of the display (even though they had the lil stickers on it).
-You deeply consider having Their pics painted on the hood of your car.
-you have a license plate made specially that has something to do with *N sync.
-you take a poster of them to every one of your soccer games, even to the away games where you plaster their pics on the bus walls.
-you wear one of their shirts underneath your soccer uniform every game, even if its 95 degrees outside!
-You have very realistic dreams about them at night, and wake up to believe they are true!
-When people want to know something about the guys or have something related to them, they come to you, because you are known to know all about them!
-You fight with your Yearbook teacher to put a pic of them in your yearbook, and after 4 months, succeed
-When on vacation you search for limo's and suburbans because you know that *N sync must be in one of them. (Thanks to Jessica-smile for all the above!)
-You spend $200 on airfare to $150 on hotel and drag your older sister cross country to see them in concert. (Thanks Nikki!)
-you search every email listing and phone search and email or call anyone with the same last name as the guys. What a phone bill! (Thanks Amanda!)
-you all your stuffed animals are named after the guys of nsync, and all of there nick names,and when you run out of animals, but still have names you steal some of your little sisters"
-your teachers at school know all the words to NsynC songs, becuase you can't help but hum, and sing them in class"
-your chorus teacher eventually gave in to your idea of singing I want you back, God Must Have.... and Here we Go, during school fuctions were the class has to sing"
-you have a locket with your favorite Nsyncers pic in it,and take it everywhere claiming its a good luck charm" (Thanks Christina for all the above!)
-You and your friends look through wedding magazines and decide what you'd wear on your wedding day with Nsync(Thanks Grace!)
-You get subscriptions to every magazine just for *N SYNC pictures, and the ones that don't, you write hate mail telling them that the magazine sucked, because they didn't feature *N SYNC. (Thanks Lisa!)
-You have posters of Justin even in your bathroom! (Thanks Jenna!)
-You might loose some friends because they all like the bsb or hate hearing me talk about 'Justin this and Justin that'.
-You and your friend plan your future to go and live in orlando, just in case you see one of them and you fall in love.
-Your friend tells you you're obsessed when you visit her at work and say, "I know 'N Sync is in our future cuz I just saw a van parked outside that says 'Kirkpatrick' Plumbing on it!"
-You channel surf for commercials cuz you know of one that plays 'Tearin' Up My Heart' in the background.
-You taped and tacked your 'N Sync poster on your wall, but you didn't put tacks in the bottom of one cuz they would've gone through Justin's hand and Joey's arm and you knew it would somehow cause them pain.
-You refuse to take any phone calls or talk to anyone while 'N Sync's video is playing on TRL. And if people start talking you give them an evil stare and tell them 'N Sync is on.
-When you send your friends letters you decorate the envelope with 'N Sync's flame logo and their names. And maybe slip your name in there. (Thanks Lia for all the above!)
-You cry every time you see or hear The Girl Who Has Everything because you know Justin broke his arm from the horse. (Thanks Amanda!)
-You are going to the concert the next day and you have to drive four hours but you know that since they're traveling on the interstate they have to go through your city so you go and park yourself out on the interstate just to see if you can see their bus go by! (Thanks Emily!)
-You have a tan line on your right wrist from wearing a WWJD bracelet just like JC's for over a year.
-You drive all night until 2 am to get home in time to go to work at 6 am after an out of town concert.
-You finally get a new pair of Timberland boots and your parents get confused and ask "How do you like your new Timberlake's", because they are so use to hearing that name.
-You work with a bunch of adults (40 and older), but they are willing to cover for you to go out of town to a concert as long as you bring back pictures and full details of the show.
-When you drive a Black Jeep Cherokee Sport (Just like JC's) and have a license plate made to read "JC and Me"
-Your Dad checks the web site as much as you so he can act like he knows more than you do about the guys. (Thanks Jen for all the above!)
-when you wake up, you see a justin poster right over ur head.
-you watch an *NSync video before going to bed just so you can dream about them.
-You get the same clothes *NSync wore in a recent photo shoot.
-You get every *NSync import to get the sounds b4 all your other best *NSync buds do. (Thanks Denise for all the above!)
-you through a birthday party for each guy and sing to posters!
-you start crying the day they leave for Europe or another country because they are way far away from you!
-you go to foot locker, champ sports, and other stores with nice guy clothes and pick out clothes/shoes/hats that would look good on each guy!
-you pick out all of your clothes based on "If Justy would like this in me"! (Thanks Lynsey for all the above!)
-when the boys' birthdays roll around, we wear either outfits that are similar to something they've worn or stuff that has their favorite color in it, say happy birthday to them, write happy b-day on our wipe off boards (including the one on our door) and watch one of their favorite movies. (Thanks Stephanie!)
-You're so convinced that you know *N Sync that you talk to the wall, thinking it's them, and you curl your hair before you go to bed, so that you "look good for them."
-You get a poster of your favorite *N Syncer and cut a hole in the poster and wall where their mouth is so you can "tongue" them every night before bed. (Thanks Sarah!)
-You get dumped by your b/f when you say "I love Justin more than you!"
-You re-word every song just for you. (Thanks Lisa!)
-You hit your friends whenever they even touch a pic of your fave guy or talk badly about them
-You force your friends to say that they LOVE *NSYNC (even thought they really don't)
-You teach your little brother or sister or cousin their dance moves.
-Every day suring free time in class you and my friends have your "*NSYNC chat". (Thanks Amber!)