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Full name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Birthdate: January 31, 1981

Time of Birth: 6:30 P.M.

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Height: Somewhere around 6 ft. and still growing!

Eyes: Blue..still not sure about htis one...from most of the pictures i have seen they are red...

Hair: blonde

Current Residence: Orlando, FL

Family: Mother Lynn and father Paul; younger half-brothers Jonathan and Steven (who was born recently on August 28); he also had a younger sister named Laura Katharine, who passed away shortly after birth.

Nicknames: Curly, Shot, Bounce, Baby, Mr. Smooth, Young Kid

Hobbies: Basketball, shopping, collecting North Carolina basketball gear, basketball.
condensed version: BASKETBALL
-T.V. Show: Friends
-Actor and Actress: Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock
-Author: John Grisham
-Movie: Scream
-Sport: Thats a hard one..I wonder...could it be BASKETBALL?
-Food: Cereal, especially Apple Jacks and da captin
-Drink: Milk. does you body good!
-Word: "Crunk", which supposedly means crazy.
-Ice Cream: Chocolate chip
-Candy: Mentos
-Color: Baby blue
-Musical Artists: Brian McNight, Puff Daddy (fromt he way he talks sound like he learned his proper grammer form him) Take 6, and Janet Jackson

Dislikes: Girls who smoke, his curly hair, snakes, and people who piss him off in the morning

Most daring thing he has ever done: Bungee Jumping

What does he drive?: A candy apple red Mercedes M-Class

Religion: Baptist

Pets: Ozzie, a Cairn terrier, and Alley, a cat

Disgusting habits: Constantly clears his throat; burps
What is under htose pants(now all you nasty girls shame on you)
Tommy Hilfiger undies. Lets those huge pants of his sag low enough to show off the waistband.

Biggest Mistake: Lying to his mother.

Greatest Musical Influences: Brian McKnight and Stevie Wonder

Idol: Michael Jordan

What he looks for in a woman: "She definitely has to have a sense of humor. But she has to
be intelligent. I want to be able to talk to her. I guess I want just an all - over picture. Everyone deserves the best and everyone has somebody out there for them. The first thing I notice is the way she presents herself and carriers herself. If she's confident, then she's true to herself, and that's something that attracts me to a girl."