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Full Name: James Lance Bass

Birthdate: May 4, 1979

Age: 19

Astological Sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Laurel, Mississippi

Hair Color: Blond w/white highlights

Eye Color: Green and yellow

Currently Lives: Orlando, Florida

Height: 5'10"

Shoe size:11

Family: Diane(mom), Jim(dad), Stacey(sis), Ford(bro)

-loves Dr. Pepper & French Toast

-Lance is Baptist

-Lance sleep walks

-Lance is said to be the romantic one of the group!

-Lance hates his hair becuase he says it is too thick

-favorite outfit- an old war suspender pants & army sweater

-his most daring thing was searching for a murderer in the forest

-if he had to choose between money, love, & fame, he would choose love

-drives a Toyota Rav 4

-likes Garth Brooks and Boys II Men

-loves Christmas

-wants a dog (or ferret, cat, prairie dog, or hamster)

-out of album, likes "Sailing" and "I Want You Back"

-fave movie Clue

-if Lance had a Spice Girl name, it would be Laid-Back Spice

-likes CD's Mariah Carey and Offspring

-in free time, Lance rock climbs, skydives, goes to the beach, weight trains, practices karate, jet skies, horse back rides, & plays video games

-fave girl is Jennifer Anniston (next to me, of course)

-reads Ellie Weisel's books

watches Mad About You & Friends

-enjoys Tom Hanks & Lucille Ball

-if he could change anything, he would be taller

-Lance would never pierce his nose!!

-it is a common misconseption that Lance is a very shy guy

-his secret to success is "Dedication, & trust in God"

-compliments make Lance blush

-he is afraid of "things that buzz"

-he has an innie belly button

-Lance collects stamps, pictures, antique knives & guns, and old comics

-he dreams of winning a grammy & meeting Garth Brooks

-loves Taz

-Lance bites his nails and spits out the bites!!

-he wanted to be an astronaut at one time

-likes the colors Green and Candy Apple Red