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JC's feet are size 11.
Have you seen the scar on Lance's left eye? He got it in the sixth grade when he and his cousin were pretending that they were American Gladiators.
Joey loves all things Superman.
Justin hasn't always been comfortable with his curly hair. He used to want to straightenen it!
Chris loves simple cheese pizzas!
Brothers in ink: Justin, Lance, Joey and Chris all got fiery flame logos to symbolize their 'N Sync status.
J.C. was reportedly the most worried of a computer breakdown on newyears!
Chris' mom, Bev, gets asked for her autograph whenever she goes to 'N Sync shows.
Joey sported a silver hoop in his eyebrow for a short time, but it closed up.
Lance's fave cartoon caracter is Tazmanian Devil!
Chris' fave song on their Christmas album is Home for Christmas.
If you ever want to butter Lance up, feed him butter pecan ice cream-it's his fave.
Joey hit his head on a light switch when he was little and now he has a scar on his left eyebrow, where he got stitches.
Mention Chris's small feet and he is sure to blush!
Lance only likes cheese and pepperoni on his pizza.
Joey and Justin have the biggest feet of all guys in the group. They both wear a size 12 shoe!
Chris' fave ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby.
If you are someone who waits till' Christmas eve to shop you an dJ.C. have somthing in common.
JC's feet are size 11.

This Was takne from a YAHOO chat:
The star is an apostrphe. In the UK we met Uri Geller.
He's a psychic.
He told us to use star on the record and it will be a smash.
Sure enough we used the star and it sold really well.
It's weird but it's true.