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Thanks to Jen for this picture!

Here is a goup bio that was NOT written by me and was taken from: http://drive.to/outtathisworld with permission from original composer *DO NOT TAKE THIS FROM MY SITE*

The five 'N Sync guys came from all over the U.S. to form a band in Orlando, FL. JC, Joey, Justin, Lance, and Chris have come together with a self-titled debut RCA Records album. The record has already sported two giant European smashes, "I Want You Back" and the "Tearin' Up My Heart," each of which has gone Gold throughout Europe, and have already broke through in the U.S. 2 follow up songs to hit it big in North America were "God Must Have Spent.." and "I Drive Myself Crazy." Although their handsome pics have been plastered all over music magazines on the continent, 'N Sync are not just your everyday teen idol act. Show business veterans all, the group are accomplished singers and dancers who have studied under the same choreographer who's worked with Prince and Michael Jackson. Showing their versatility, 'N Sync's repertoire includes the simple pop version of Christopher Cross' "Sailing."
The group's roots are based in the Orlando meeting of Washington DC born "JC" Chasez, and Memphis, TN native Justin Timberlake on the set of the Disney Channel show, "Mickey Mouse Club." After the show ended, JC and Justin found themselves in Nashville at the same time working with the same vocal coach and writers, but on separate solo projects. Justin was then called back to Orlando, where he hooked up with Pittsburgh, PA expatriate Chris Kirkpatrick. The trio then met New Yorker Joey Fatone in a local Orlando club. The four would go out clubbing where their slick dance-floor moves had everyone wanting to know what group they were in. Thus inspired, the quartet decided to form a band and started looking for a bass voice. Through Justin's vocal coach in Tennessee, the group hooked up with blonde-haired, green-eyed, 18-year-old Clinton, Mississippi crooner James Lance Bass AKA Lance, who fit right in with his characteristic basso profundo. The bandmates may have come from all over, but Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and JC discovered immediately they were 'N Sync.
Now, with their own home video, line of clothing, Christmas album, new CD to come out soon, and also a movie in the making, 'NSYNC are sure to be around for as long as we keep loving them like we do!