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Here are some *NSync mishaps!


Thanx to http://drive.to/outtathisworld! please visit this site by clicking the pic above!

Jc admits that one time at a concert, he was so into the music that he didn't even notice that his fly was down, it wasn't until half way through the show that the other guys told him to zip up.
During a performance, Justin's fly was undone and his pants fell down to his thighs when he grabbed them. He was wearing a baggy shirt so not many people noticed
At a show in Michigan, while the guys were singing, JC's pants fell down, he was showing off his boxers. He quickly picked them up!
Justin, at a concert, grabbed his crotch and Chris stopped singing to laugh (Thanks Amanda!)
On the n the mix video, JC is running on a beach by himself in tan loose pants and his package is bouncing up and down. (Thanks Brianne!)
When *NSYNC performed "Bye, Bye, Bye" on the Rosie Show the top of JC's underwear was showing.
During a concert on july 24, 1999, massachusetts, Justin bent down, so his ass was facing the crowd. When he did this, his pants and undies were kinda loose, so you could see his about an inch of his crack! He quickly pulled his pants up all the way, with tons of embarassment on his face when he turned around, hoping no one noticed. He was so red they put him on the big screen.
On the March 12, 1999 concert during Sailing, Joey doesn't come completely down at the end and he's just hangin' there, all kickin' it and stuff.. He hung there for like 4 minutes then finally Chris went and got him out of that spot. Then Chris also falls with him trying to get him out. (Thanks Daniela!)
At a concert and JC fell down the stairs before trying to jump off them
At 'n sync's concert in michigan when they were singing sailing (and flying) everyone came back but justin got stuck up in the air and everyone was laughing at him, even 'n sync.
At the aug 19th concert at irvine meadows, during the celebration joey completely slipped on the ramp thing and slid to the end of it then just layed there singing. on the next set of the concert, the rest of the guyz slid down the ramp so he didn't feel bad, then joey came down walking really really slowly and taking baby steps. (thanks Kristin!)
At the blockbuster awards (Sailing wth Christopher Cross), Joey doesn't come completely down at the end and he's just hangin' there, all kickin' it and stuff... they finally brought him down.. but you can tell it aggrivated the guys because you se JC wanting them all to hold hands and bow, but because of the ropes, they couldn't and he has the most aggrivated face.. (Thanks Elizabeth!)
In the Summer Jam Concert, When they are having the crowd do, "When I sat Ty, you say Rese," when Chris walks back to get in line, he trips. You can tell he is embarassed. (Thanks Emily!)
At a recent concert in Vegas during the song "Sailing" (When they were flying over the crowd) They were putting Chris back on stage but they lowered him too quickly and into the crowd. Chris was so scared cuz all these gurls were screaming and pulling him down, but the technician guy realized it and quickly lifted him back on stage. Chris left with a lost sneaker. (Thanks Larissa!)
the same thing almost happened in houston TX, when they were doing "Sailing" and they were flying, when Lance was in the air he couldn't balance inthe air and he was wobbling a bunch and his arms were out in the air cuz he was trying to catch his balance, and he almost flipped over.
Joey flipped Chris over and his ankle twisted and he slammed onto his back.
During a concert the group was using fire hoses to spray people, and water got all over the stage. Later during the concert, Justin slipped on the water and broke his thumb! Ouch!!
At a concert, Lance turned around, and JC was right there, so needless to say JC went flying backwards into the crowd!
At a concert, Chris and JC were dancing really close together doing some funky dance moves, and there legs got tangeled up together, Chris fell right on top of JC. Then Joey comes over to help Chris up off of JC, so Chris grabs his arm and accidentally pulls him down on top of him and JC.
At a concert in Miami, they were doing the flip thing that they do during "I Want You Back" and JC fell right on his arse! Ouch!!
At a concert, Justin and Joey were hitting hips during "I Want You Back", well the second time they went to hit hips Justin accidentally backed up and Joey fell on his derriere!
At a concert Lance flipped over a chair and fell right on his ass!


On July 8, 1999 at Hunka Bunka a girl from the crowd threw a beanie baby and it hit Justin right on the nose. Also that night girls started to throw water bottles and one hit Justin again in the head and he gave us this funny mad look. (Thanks Daniela!)
At a concert, a girl threw a Hard rock bear and it hit justin 'down there.' He slumped down a little then he got back up and started singing, though everyone heard him make a noise! (Thanks Kris!)
During "Everything I Own" at a concert, someone threw a necklace at Chris and it hit him right in the forehead, he seemed like he didn't care, but the other guys were cracking up about it! Justin walked over and picked up the necklace and handed it to Chris while JC covered up his forehead with his jacket. Joey kept following everything that came at him with his eyes, to make sure he didn't get hit!
During a concert once, some girl in the audience threw a green colored condom at Justin. When he found out what it was he was grossed out, he screamed "ILL" and threw it back at her!
At a concert in Washington, someone threw a stuffed animal at Lance and it hit him right in the face!
At a concert in New Haven Conn. JC was singing and he was really into the music, well the crowd was really into throwing stuff at them, and someone threw a stuffed animal and it hit him right in the crouch! Ouch..Poor baby! He acted like nothing happened, even thought it hurt! But for the rest of the show the guys either dodged or caught everything that was thrown at them!


On the n the mix video. It's at the beginning of the choreography segment, when they are performing "I just wanna be with you" -watch Justin as he glides from his left foot to his right foot on "that's all i wanna do" or rather, watch his crotch. His package jiggles and it is very noticeable! (Thanks Aly!)
On the NSYNC N THE MIX Video, and look at the part where they are rehearsing "CRAZY FOR YOU" on the outside stage and Chris is wearing a orange fubu shirt...Look at his pants, he seems a little "aroused." (Thanx Melissa!)
During a concert on the 'Nsync 'N the Mix video, the concert where there wearing black pants w/ white shirts, a girl in the crowd threw a water bottle at Justin and it hit him right in the face, he turns and gives her a dirty look!
On the *N The Mix Video, when the guys were onstage rehearsing before a show, Chris kicks Joey in the ass, and Joey just stands there.
On the n the mix video, Justin is talking and he rubs his arm and then grabs himself (Thanks Emily!)
On the 'Nsync 'N The Mix Video, Chris gets piano key marks on his forehead after slamming his head on the keys.
In the *N the Mix video ... at the end where they show the guys performing "God Must Have Spent..." from the Disney concert ~ the last time that they sing "When I look into your eyes I know that its true" Justin is standing on the end and JC is in the middle ... then they finish the line and they sing "God must have spent a little more time on you" and then Justin is in the middle and JC is on the end! They kinda just magically switch places!!
On the Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays video... when right after Lance gives thelady a present he turns around and grabs him self (Thanks Lindsay!)
On the Disney in Concert Special at one point they are talking to Lance and JC walks by in the background...scratching his armpit! (Thanks Jilian!)
On the Disney in concert special, during "God Must Have Spent..." at the end of Justin's solo at the beginning, he goes to put his mic back and misses the stand. But as cool as he is, he casually slips it in there. (Thanks Skye!)
On the Disney channel special during "Here We Go" they were doing the shuffel part of there routine and JC slipped and fell.
On the Disney 'N' Concert Special, While singing "Here We Go" Justin goes "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh" and squints his face as if something hurts! (Thanks Jenna!)
On the Disney Special on the song "Here we go" at the very begining Justin starts moving his arms around thinking its part of the show then he looks up and realizes that he wasn't suppose to do that, and tries to cover it up.
On the Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Video, at the end of it, a girl grabs Justin's ass, and he grabs her hand and pulls it away from his ass.
On X-mas, at Disney, JC and Joey were jummping around while they were singing "Merry Christmas Happy Holidays" they bumped into each other. Luckily they didn't fall, but they didn't stand next to each other for the rest of the show
When the guys were filming "For The Girl Who Has Everything" Justin fell off his horse good thing he didn't get hurt! That would be bad!
At the end of "Tearin Up My Heart" Lance to point at the camera but he accidentally flips the camera off!
In "Tearin Up My Heart" JC holds up a shirt in the mirror and Joey gives it a thumb down, later on in the video, Lance is wearing the same shirt!
in Tearin Up My Heart when they show the place from above (looking down on it) JC looks at himself in the mirror, then howls. (Thanks Courtney!)
At the *N Sync * N Concert on pay-per-view, someone throws a waterbottle on stage, and later, Justin picks it up so no one would trip, but he also sneaked a little drink in there, too!
On TRL when the news guy was showing a clip of them while Justin was talking, Lance all of a sudden started laughing out loud for no aparent reason and all the guys were looking at him funny.
At the one awards show where they guys sang *Sailing* with Christopher Cross, the guys were sailing over the audience and everything was going great. they showed a shot of Christopher Cross, and a pic of the guys, and then, a pic of the audience where you can see *N Sync is sitting. I think it was a mess-up of the editors of that awards show. (Thanks Sarah!)
When they were on Regis and Kathie Lee, the crew accidently spelled J.C.'s name wrong and put J.C. Chases. Also they said Chris was 27 and he got this funny look on his face and he goes, "I'm 26." They put Justin's name in parentheses, like it was a nickname, and they called Lance "Lansten" but they spelled it wrong. Also, JC misses half of his verse when they sing! (Thanks Laura!)


Take a look at this pic!! Its hilarious!!
On march 28, 1999 -in grand rapids, michigan- when nsync was doing their talk to the audience, they were sitting on the stairs and drinking water and justin started choking on his water cuz he was laughing so hard and the other 4 guys started laughing at him and soon everyone was laughing because they put his face on the close up screen!
ok, on the summer jam concert, when they are announcing the things evryone should do in the summer, its chris' turn and it looks like he has a booger hanging right out of his nose! (Thanks Lynsey!)
On the July 31, 1999 concert, during "Crazy for you" Justin did a pelvic thrust when it sounds like there is gonna be the boom boom boom but there wasn't one. He kinda looked at Joey and smiled. (Thanks Steph!)
At their August 6th concert, they got water guns and flew out over the crowd at the very end of the concert. Joey was above Chris, and his water gun dripped and the water landed right on Chris' head! Chris looked up at Joey with a funny look on his face. (Thanks Laura!)
On All Access during IWYB, right before they have the audience sing, Lance's earpeice falls out and you can see it dangling. Then as they are singing "you're the one I want(louder!)..." he quietly sneaks it back in while he's bending down. (Thanks Kristin!)
At a concert during God Must have Spent, Chris accidently sings Justin's part and Justin yells, "yo Chris, shut up, thats my part!'
On MTV, when they had their top 50 video's, when Lance is giving the tour of the bus. When he shows the bathroom, Chris says in the background, "that's where we put our naked asses"
Also, on the CD, at the end of "I Just Wanna Be With You", it sounds like joey says "full force.....sex" in the background. But you have to listen closely! (Thanks Julie & Courtney!)
During a photo shoot break, Chris decided to take a go cart for a ride. He thought that it would be funny to drive in a bush, but when he drove into the bush he got leaves all over. In fact, he couldn't see what he was doing and lost control of the cart. When he managed to stop the cart, it stop so suddenly that he fell off it infront of the camera crew and the rest of NSYNC. (Thanks Alicia!)
At my May 13th '99 concert, during the Jackson Five act, JC knock his mic off the stand. He picked it up casually and hoped nobody noticed.
At a different concert On Nov. 17th '98, during For The Girl Who Has Everything, Lance dropped his chair on accident while spinning it around. He smiled and looked really embaressed. But he picked the chair up and kept going! (Thanks Marie!)
On the Kids' Choice Awards, when they are dancing to the chorus of I Want You Back, JC messes up completely!
At the very end of Summer Jam, when Justin says "We are 'N Sync", he has a piece of confetti sticking straight out of his hair!
At a concert during the opening act, Lance was twirling a glowing stick thing around and he just totally lost his grip and it went flying to the ground and Joey had to run to pick it up for him before it fell off the stage!
Joey sprained his ankle during a show. He had to do three other shows, so he was a brave guy and hopped on to the stage each time! Well he was supposed to flip his foot over JC's head, but it was hurt so he couldn't get it high enough, he tried to but when he did he slipped and fell on his ass!
One time Joey sprained his ankle so bad his toes turned black and blue, he had more shows to do, she one by one he hopped and danced for each one!
When they sang "tearin Up My Heart" on The View, Joey dropped his mic.
During a concert, Lance ran out on stage to early, he was wearing yellow, they were wearing black, so everyone noticed!
During JC's first time skiing, he fell and knocked over all the ski's on the rack, right in front of the pro's!
During the winter Kid's Choice Awards when Kenan gives 'N Sync some cookies they all take little bites and make fake faces like "mmm... yummy." and then Lance throws his cookie behind him. (Thanks Kelli!)