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Chris's Bio

Mop Head's Bio:)

Full Name: Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick
Birthday: October 17, 1971
Birthplace: Pittsburgh PA.
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'9 1/2
Shoe size: 7 (it makes him blush!)
Nationality: Spanish, Irish, and some American Indian
His mom: Beverly
Sisters: Molly, Kate, Emily, Taylor
Nephews: Has 3- Owen, Avery and if you know the other one's name let me know!
Religion: Lutheran
Started performing: when he was 11.
Collects: Records
Scared of: Heights and Commitment.
Bad Habit: Biting nails
Most prized posession: His FRAMED Bruce Lee autograph
Musical Inspiration: The Beatles
Hobbies: Writing, in-line skating, street hockey, surfing
Fave stuff

Fave film: Mad Max
Fave movie stars: Audrey Hepburn, and Mel Gibson
Fave food: Pizza and Taco's
Fave drink: Orange Juice
Musical Artist: Busta Rymes
Girl: Gwen Stefani
Fave Word: Dude
Colors: Black and Silver
Clothing: Fubu Jerseys-JC says he is always wearing a Fubu jersey and jeans.
Holiday: Halloween.
Sport: Football... I heard he slept with a little stuffed football when he was a baby!
Loves: Hanging on the beach
What the guys say about him:

Joey: Chris is the clown
Justin: Chris is psycho
JC: Chris is crazy
Lance: Chris is wild
Something strange: I wear glasses.