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*Nsync Mania

"I can't bear looking in the mirror. I guess that's why my hair looks like this!" -Lance
"The last episode of 'Full House'. That was a rough one for me. It was a TV show back in the States. It was just rough, when you watch people grow up on TV and then to see them go off. It's tough." -Chris (on his saddest goodbye)
"Yeah, when they cancelled 'Mash'??t was rough." -JC
"I like Garth Brooks cuz I'm from Mississippi." -Lance
"Man, aren't you just sick and tired of Pokemon? I don't even know what it means." -Justin
"Barney should eat all the Teletubbies and then die of indigestion or something." -Joey
"I can sleep standing up. I can sleep in the middle of a hurricane." -Justin
"I'm a hermit. I feel like a monk. Argh! I get no play!" -Justin
"I'd become a guinea pig for scientists studying sleeping habits because I'm special. I have a gift. I can sleep any place any time." -JC (on what he would do if he wasn't in *NSYNC)
"I'd be an ice cream tester. I'd test all the new flavors of ice cream. MM-mmm!" -Justin (on what he would do)
"My perfect evening would be if a girl cooked me dinner cuz I like to eat and even if the food sucks it still shows how much effort she's put in." -Justin
"He took 20 Elmos and built him up a jacket." -Chris (on Joey)
"My mom still has control over me, and she knows it. She'll ground me on the road." -Lance
"We don't try to make ourselves do cute. We burp and fart, just like boys." -Justin
"JC is a little too picky man. Lance is...Lance is just lookin' for somebody to talk to." -Justin (on who will get married 1st)
"Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up now. It's not about horses. I promise, this song is not about horses." -Lance
"Joey bought this jacket that was like a hydrogen peroxide Chewbacca." -Justin
"He had the button up down preppy shirts, the tight jeans and the boots and his hair??know back in the old days when you put the bowl on your head and just chop!?" -Joey (on when he first met Lance)
"If my girlfriend were taller than me, I'd start wearing heels." -Chris
"If we had auditioned everyone I don't think Joey would have made it." -Chris
"I have the worst memory in the world...I even forget the words to our songs!" -Lance
"For the girl who eats everything, I bring you fudge...cookies and stuff." -JC

"I feel like getting funky tonight." -Justin
"I was a happy little guy." -Justin

"I would be cinderella." -Justin

"I'm gonna get my party on, gonna get it crunked." -Justin

"That's right baby!" -Justin
"Let's just say I'm a gentlemen!" JC
"M.I.C. See you real soon. K.E.Y. Why? Because we got paid to! M.O.U.S.E." JC and Justin

"You know that tour of the bus we were going to give you? Well, it's right now!" Lance

"Kitchen, the lounge, the kitchen, the lounge." Lance

"This is the lounge, and these guys are, loungin!" Lance

"Shhh, we have to be quiet. Lance is giving a tour of the bus!" Lance

"'Cause it's that time of year when we are gettin' ANXIOUS, y'all!" JC

"I just got Phil Collins' autograph! Whoooo! I'm a little girl!" JC.

"And they are so not good at this" JC

"It isn't exactly Beetle Mania, but its pretty kewl!" JC

"Now don't try to get my liscense on camera.I'll have to kill you" Justin

"Man, your lying, I was red as a coke can." Justin

"How was that mom?" Chris

"I love to see people react." JC

"I have a dream, to assist, to assist the pick, I have a dream to play in the NBA." Joey

"You'd still be doing wolfie!" All the guys to Joey.

"She was talkin' about my man's dreads." Justin

"I just want to sit down!" Justin
"Justin! You can sit on my lap!"-some girl in the audience.
"Excuuuse me?! I don't know you!" Justin

"People always go on about our age differences, but we're all on the same level really." Joey "Hey, I'm bigger than you.....quite a different level!!!" Justin
"Yeah, but you're already the tallest AND you're still growing, so when that keeps up, you'll look really strange!!!" Joey
"We're on the same level. Really!" Joey

"I picked my nose when I was younger therefore I have big nostrils." Joey

"Everyone thinks I like to sleep. It's not that I like to sleep, it's that I don't like to get up! There is a difference." J.C.

"Chat rooms are so cool, especially if you go into your own chat room and all the people are talking about you and you pretend you're somebody else!" Lance

"'Tearin' Up My Heart' went to number 4."-Lance on why his jersey number is 4 in 'Here We Go'

"I carry my camera, because I take pictures of everything. And food, you have to have food. Um, my watch that Joey gave me for my birthday..Tommy Hillifiger, playing cards..Taz. My Ricloa because I have a cough all the time and batteries. I will show you what my batteries are for, my CD player."-Lance on what he carries in his suitcase.

"I wanted to be an astronaut." Lance

"You know what pecan is right? Well it's a nut, in a shell, & butter is butter, but it's sweet, NEVERMIND! Chocolate chip!" Lance

"Speaking of showers...what's the longest you've been without a shower? I take a shower every morning and sometimes every night because I can't stand it when I'm dirty. I like to be clean. Mr. Clean." Lance

"Fame is really funny. We were on the Regis & Kathy Lee show and some girl in the audience yelled out 'Justin! Sit on my lap!' Excuse me?! I don't know you!" Justin

"I can only dog paddle" Justin

"I could bite my toenails, I don't want to but I could!" Joey

"Lance got a big old butt, I know I told ya I be true, cuz Lance got a big old butt, so I'm eatin' you!" Justin and JC.

"He's albino." Chris talking about Lance.

"I sliced it." Chris from the Disney special.

"I hope he doesn't puke on me. That would be really bad." Justin talking about Chris and the roller coaster he designed.

"He designed that? I'm gonna hit him in his head." Chris after the roller coaster.

Lance: We all got our character voices down. Our dream is to be South Park characters.
JC: We want to write a South Park song for them.

"We all break into The Real World opening." --Lance

"I don't have a superman tattoo on my butt, I swear!!!" --Joey

"He[Joey] showers in his swimming trunks." --Justin

"I was skydiving and hit a bird." Lance

"The funny thing about JC is.....well, say we're driving somewhere and we see a pretty girl on the sidewalk, the four of us will go, "Hey check out that girl".....and five minutes later JC will go, "Wow check out that dog. What kind is it?" He's nuts about dogs." Chris

"I can't sleep with any light whatsoever. My cell phone has this little charger. It has this little itty-bitty light and I can see it when my eyes are closed and it bugs the heck out of me, so I have to have total darkness, unless there's a fireplace." Lance

"Were trying to phase him [Lance] out!" Chris

"Lance likes Tasmanian devils, I like large bills " Chris

"I'm just 'N Sync. Last night some guy passed by and said "Hey 'N Sync!" Uh, my name's Lance." Lance

"We want Lance, we want Lance, We want Lance..." Chris

" And we got Lance! ...The four of us are replaceable... Lance is irreplaceable... He's albino... Quit lying, he's a Mississippi albino... They're very rare in this part of the country." Chris
"Well, we were all out albino hunting one day..." Chris
"Lance knows it exactly what it is. Tell em Lance... So much for your irreplacability!" Chris

"Hi! We're here. You were worried about us, but now we're here! You thought we quit, didn't you? We didn't. We're not going duet!" Justin and Chris

"I never knew ice cream was so SPECIAL."
"Our ice cream is the best right?"

"We may not have much experience driving yer fancy rocket mobiles or blowin up asteeroids, but when it comes to poppin' fresh dance moves, this is the best rag dag group of pretty boys on the planet!"
"I'm Gettin' Jiggy Baby"
"I can't Hear you, I can't hear you"
"Thanks and praise to the big man upstairs for giving us the oppurtunity to do what we love to do, so praise God."
"What's up, LA?!"
"As the team captain, I'd just like to say....WE'RE GOIN' TO DISNEYLAND, BAYBEE!"
"We're Single And Ready To Mingle, Right Joey?"
"I kept this on after I got out of the shower this morning"
"I'm gonna take this off cuz I feel stupid..."
"What cha'll wanna do? I'll tell you I wanna get down"
"Waz up wit dat y'all?"
"I talk in my sleep a lot. My mom used to laugh at me because if she wanted to find out something about me, she'd come in while I was sleeping and start talking to me."
"Let it go, Just let it go Carson."
Kick it, Joey!!"
"Lets Play Some Basketball Baby!"
"Danger! Nah, actually it's Randall" (on his middle name)
"I play basketball. That's what I do man. I'm not old enough to go clubbin!"
"You stole my answer. Um, I like AJ. He's a cutie." (on favorite BSB member)
"This is our first trip to MTV News and we're not gonna mess it up."
"I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we're living out one of our wildest fantasies right now. You know, being on stage, doing this, being 'N Sync?? know, this has always been one of our wildest fantasies and now we're getting to do it."
Well, the woman of my dreams wouldn't be a smoker so I couldn't answer that question."
I think that answers that question..."
"And I was like...Jordan eat yo' heart out..."
"Well, that was my 15 year old sex scene. There was originally a girl on the bed with me, but they cut it out because thy thought it was you know, too provocative."
"You've gotta emphasize on the 'OH BABY'"
"Canadian girls scream very loudly!"
"Kathie Lee took a little liking to my man JC."
"Her hand was here on my leg, WHOA. So we're having an affair now."
"Well, putting cheese on something is sort of a defining characteristic of what makes a cracker a cracker."
"I'll play basketball, but I am sooo bad at it. The guys make fun of me for it, but you know, I like to try things."
"Let's not get into that." (talking about PooFoo)
"Hehe, nah, it goes, Poo Foo, Poo Foo where are you? Please come out and play."
I fell in love 51 times," (referring to the Miss Teen USA Pageant)
"I kinda like beaches too but you stole it from me." (talking about wild fantasies)
"Whoa, my goodness that really hurts."
"What was the question again?"
"I spent it on a plane with an African tribe, it was really cool..." (about birthdays)
"God didn't spend enough time on your nose." (to Joey)

The Following are JC quotes:
"We have THE most popular ice cream in the place!"
"I think we better stick to singing!"
"Leader? There's no "I" in 'NSYNC!"
"I hope so. Otherwise, what the hell are we tryin to prove?"
"Oh yeah? Look what i've got buddy". (teasing Chris by holding up a bad pic of him)
"We turn into little tourists everywhere we go."
"I think someone who is confident is sexy. I think confidence is sexy."
"If we respect others the way we were raised to respect others, then we should have no problems."
"My sister said she had an entire conversation with me and I was talking in my sleep!"
"I like to sleep alot.. yeah.. um thank you!..
"We get underwear thrown at us on stage man! It's crazy out there!"
"I'm the sanity in this big mix"
"I wanna be the one on that chair!"
"We don't really have time for fantasies..."
"Joey just eats all of our food anyway."
"Give it to me, c'mon"

Th folowing are Chris quotes:
"And thats all we have to say about that."
"Theres gonna be like 50 Joey fans calling my house, 'Yer a jerk!'"
"That means you're talkin too friggin' much!"
"Ok, that means we owe...32 dollars!"
(about JC) *weird voice* "I like to play nintendo"
"I Sliced it!"
"Joey is like Tickle Me Elmo!"
"Why is the Toronto Department of Hazardous Materials here?? Did we do something??"
"I will smile all the time now!" (talking about getting braces off)
"I drive myself crazy... get it?? DRIVING crazy?? Go Karts?? Get it??"
"Crush on you!!! (looks at Lance) crush on you!! (looks at Joey) Crush on you!! (looks at camera)" (announing Aaron Carter video)
"Who's your daddy?!?!?!?!?!!!!" (he was jumping on Lance while saying this)
"I don't really have any wild fantasies, I don't think. I just, I don't know. I like beaches."
"You're not coming to the beach with me buddy!!" (to Lance)
"That's okay, he's our favorite, too!"
"Our next outfits are gonna have the buns cut outta them".
"You can be a nobody one day, a big star the next, and a nobody the day after that."
"I wanna score tonight."
"Three things I'd bring on a deserted Island? I'd bring my skates, a coke machine and the Spice Girls".
"My ball's stuck!" (and then any other guy in the back ground says 'I'll get it for you man')
"I think the hardest thing is being so big over in Europe, then coming home and nobody having a clue."
"You see here in Orlando, we have trees that grow basketballs, those aren't full grown yet."
"There's a storm comin' and it's called El Nino!
"We want Lance, we want Lance, We want Lance..."
"And we got Lance! ..."
"Tackle CARSON!!!"
"All right, who took that 20 bucks from my pants pocket? I fell asleep on the plane and I woke up and there was 20 bucks missing and ya'll were grinning. I don't know who it was."

The following are Chris quotes:
"You know, big feet, big shoes"
"Italians got big noses. Its cool."
Interviewer talking about wildest fantasies: "I don't know. I guess just a big pool of jello. That's all I'm gonna say. That's about it. That's as far as wild goes."
"All just hang out...you know...in Jello...!"
"I don't play like a girl, I just can't play!"
"Hello, My Name is Bobby"
"God spent a little too much time on my nose."
"All we use to do is eat, eat, and did I say eat?"
"We hopefully... hope that it will be around for a long time."
"I actually scored ten points actually...so I'm trying, I'm learning."
"You see, JC matures too quickly. He peaked at the age of 15, and he's going downhill slowly. All he wants to do now is sleep!"
"We do date, though."
"YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm gonna pee in my pants!"
"No matter what I do, I go at it full-tilt and can't be stopped."
"I really want one of those dolls made of me. I just want to be a doll!"
"JC's just cheesy"

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